Businesses that are online grow
40% faster
than those that aren't.

Source: BCG Report, The Connected World

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Online solutions for your clients

“Lowcountry: Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort, and Bluffton - reach clients with custom web design and development strategies by a company with over two decades of providing small to large business clients solutions that work for them, and their clients.


Although many small-business owners claim that word of mouth is their best marketing, it probably shouldn’t be. When it comes to making big purchases, 81% of consumers go online before heading out to a store.

Source: GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study

97% of consumers search online for products and services—yet 47% of small businesses do not have a website.

Source: Google and

83% of surveyed US consumers reported that having a website and using social media was a factor considered of high importance when choosing small businesses.

Source: Survey by and Toluna

70% plus of U.S. households now use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services.

Source: The Kelsey Group; ConStat

61% of searchers consider local results to be more relevant than standard search results.


responsive design - you need it

Mobile Internet usage has skyrocketed over the past few years and has taken over from desktop usage. The mobile readiness (responsive design) of your site is imperative to reach this growing section of consumers, not to mention your rankings in Google and other search engines. Responsive design is key in a successful web development strategy. If your site is out-of-date, you're missing out on the widest audience you can reach. The following figures should give you a good idea just how mobile readiness is essential to the continued expansion and success of your business.


94% of smartphone users have looked for local information. 84% have taken action as a result.


57% look for local info at least once a week. 25% look for local info daily.


When it comes to mobile searches, more than half (55%) resulted in conversions within one hour

Source: Entrepreneur - 6 Ways to Market Your Small Business for Less Than $100

73% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, including purchases, calls, visits and sharing.

Source: Google-Nielsen Study

61% will leave immediately if a website is not mobile-friendly and move on to another site.


Those are some serious numbers. Here's a few more: 41% of small businesses don't think they need a website, and only 53% are online. Cost is the number one concern for 19%, but what do you think costs a business more, an investment in a website, or the customers that they are losing every day by not having a website? The figures speak for themselves and the numbers continue to grow. If you're not online, you're invisible. Getting your business online not only helps your business but helps your community become an online resource for consumers.


“I've been meaning to get a website for my business but I can never find the right person or the time and I'm concerned that there will be a lot of daunting, unfamiliar choices. I need someone I can rely on and trust. Someone with the experience to manage the entire project.”

When you first try to start an online presence you're faced with a daunting amount of unfamiliar choices. Maybe modern technology is foreign to you and you don't know what to expect. Maybe you're ready but you don't know where to start, or maybe you just need someone to talk to about how and where to start. Your smartest choice is to turn to a local independent expert to consult with that can explain expectations such as different online marketing options, project development schedule, how long it would take, and what the time and budget would be. You need to look for a consultant that is capable of earning your trust.

Please allow me to introduce myself...


CDGWORKS is the online name for my business, Crosbee Design Group. My name is Robert Crosbee and I live in Bluffton, SC - near Hilton Head Island and Savannah.

I am a web designer and developer with near two decades of experience guiding business owners to achieve success with their online marketing and presence. I build solutions that address the needs of the business along with the wants of the visitor and effectively positioning their online marketing. I am a web designer and web developer, a project manager, a consultant. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and an Associate's of Arts in computer programming. I am someone you can trust with your online presence. I have worked with agencies in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, designing and building websites for some of the most prestigious businesses in that area. I've freelanced for most of career, helping business owners realize solutions for their Internet presence - keeping their business relevant and effective online.


Good question. I'll tell you why...professionalism and experience.

Do you want to trust your business to someone who has little experience, not only with web development, but the other main factors of any successful campaign - understanding your business needs and being able to interpret them into fully developed ideas that visitors will embrace? I've managed hundreds of project over the years for an unbelievably varied range of businesses and I have succeeded because I listen. I listen to your needs, your concerns, your goals, and I understand. I provide a way forward that will impact the success of your business online.

I provide the most cost effective solutions to my clients.

I understand my clients concerns and goals. For years, I have consulted with clients - provided strategic pathways for the survival and success of their online presence and kept them informed and at ease throughout the process.

Of course, I can't answer all your questions here, but if you're interested in finding out more about your online business presence, please call me at (843) 606-0393, or send me an email from the form below.


Everything you need. Expertly managed and executed.

Hybrid Web Development

Design is not detached from development. Integration of knowledge from both sides results in a website which is that much better at appealing to the visual sensibilities of a visitor while simultaneously providing intuitive website functions.

Responsive Design

Responsive design means knowing that your website will be viewable on mobile devices, which is very important to the ever-growing amount of mobile visitors. If your site is not responsive, you are turning away customers without even knowing it.

Full Cycle Development

I've consulted, designed, developed, and managed hundreds of web development projects. I know what's important to you, and how to be effective for your business while managing the project for a smooth experience with amazing results.


A sample of design and development work throughout my career.

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I'd be happy to help you answer any question or provide any information that I can to help you make the choice to get your business online. Fill out the form or call me at (843) 606-0393. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve a successful online presence for your business.